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White Bedroom Concept

'Under the Stars with You is My Favourite Place to Be' 

Here at Diamond Domes we want to make every special occasion sparkle, which is why we

VALUE ... family and friends 

EMBRACE ... individuality

DELIGHT IN ... luxury

Glamping Amongst the Stars

Glamping... Think cocktail tumbler instead of canteen, mood light instead of flash light, sleeping oasis instead of sleeping bag. 

What's included in your hire:

  • 1x Diamond Domes Garden Igloo

  • Flooring 

  • Lighting

  • Heating

  • Bluetooth Bose Speaker 

  • Double Bed and Bedding 

  • Luxe Igloo Décor (Boho Chic)

  • Throws and Rugs

  • Hot Water Bottles (winter only)


​Prices start from £250

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